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Website customization and web development 

Building front-end and back-end development and scripting 

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Forms connectivity to CRM

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To explore API’s for interactive map and create interactive map page

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Updating User Interface


  • Creating new forms
  • Updating existing forms
  • Form validation
  • File uploader
  • Email notifications
  • Generating reports in the back-end
  • Customizing form user interface
  • Creating and updating notifications
  • Form integration on web pages 

Theme and Design updating

  • Header theme and design update
  • Footer theme and design update
  • Menu theme and design update
  • Content Structure and design updates for pages
  • Content structure and design update for posts
  • Page theme and design updating
  • Post theme and design updating
  • Form theme and design updating 

UI development

  • CSS Style sheet
  • JavaScript Programming
  • PHP programming
  • Custom UI plugin development 


  • Fixing existing alignment issues
  • Compatibility testing and fixing for different devices.
  • Compatibility testing and fixing for different browsers.
  • Device-based UI coding

Website content updating

Header Updates

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Footer Updates

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Banner updating

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Modifying existing banners

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Creating new banners
  • Image slicing, resizing, and optimizing
  • Text updating
  • Call for action buttons and linking

Each Page content updating

  • Title & Meta
  • Banner
  • Content & Images based on content submissions
  • Redirecting to new pages

Schema each post content updating

  • Title & Meta
  • Banner
  • Content & Images
  • Schema

Image slicing, resizing and optimizing using Photoshop

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SVG Icon generation using Illustrator

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Troubleshooting and fixing issues


  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating plugins
  • Installing plugins
  • Fixing errors

Fixing Alignment issues

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Fixing Responsive issues

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