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Project: Help Desk Management System (2006)


It is a windows application that is used to record help-disk client issues and assign them to the appropriate staff. The application has the feature of Auto complete for quick data entry. The maximum time was 10 seconds per entry including emails, attachments and comments. The application had a quick and an advance search capability. The application had to look compact and user friendly so I made it like an MSN messenger appeal with a tree view showing the user, systems, and 20 top issues. The tree view would also show the issue urgency and count at each level and if there are more than 20 issues, it will give “See More” ability for the user. The user will only see himself and his team members and supervisor. The application refresh rate is also controlled by the user. The application would show a small popup indicator win an issue is assigned to the user. Finally the application can manage to be on the right side of the screen and the other windows would be on the right for fast drag and drop action.


  • Analyse and develop the database
  • Develop the application
  • Performed Unit Tests


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • Microsoft Access 2003
  • Microsoft Windows XP